I believe that divorce can make you bitter or make you better. The choice is yours. And I believe when you choose to harness the pain of the divorce experience and turn it into an opportunity for growth, you will live a life of success, freedom, joy and happiness like never before with a heart free to love who you have become and the journey you are on. It’s my purpose, my mission and my passion to help men and women grow stronger mentally, emotionally and spiritually after divorce. I help men and women go from fears and tears to living, loving and thriving, creating the life experience they most want to enjoy.

The short story of Zaundra…

An overcomer of childhood molestation, I chose to not tell my Mother until I was in college. Like many others, I just wanted to forget about it. The first in the family to pursue and complete higher education, I earned a Bachelor’s of Science then married just before graduation.  I went on to pursue a Master’s of Business Administration and upon graduating was the proud mother a 7 year old and a newborn both sons.  After being married for 11 years I made the difficult decision to divorce after experiencing physical and emotional abuse. Finding out about his gambling addiction and making matters much worse I was the willing participant in an affair.   Realizing no one is perfect, my own actions caused a pain I never knew possible – fear, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. I was far too angry and fearful to pray or even say God.  And in the midst of it all, God showed me He had been with me and that He forgave me. My own divorce recovery really began the day I realized I needed to forgive myself and others. That’s when the work began. I heard His calling on my life to help others do the work to heal from their divorce…and so here I stand ready and willing to serve real people, with real hurt, ready to do real work to achieve real results to heal after their divorce. And now THRIVING in life helping others, I truly appreciate that everything I’ve gone through enables me to be the best divorce recovery coach author and speaker with the highest standards of integrity with passion, care and love.  I’ve been judged and provide a judgement free atmosphere for my clients to grow and do their work to heal from their hurts. I have a goal to help 10,000 hurting hearts to heal from their divorce…will you be one of the 10,000?

The story of MajorMark…

My daddy – Major, and my little brother Mark made major marks on my life and I am deliberately intentional about making a major mark in my own life and in the lives of those around me. I will make an impact, a major mark on this world, one person, one stage and one reader at a time. During my own divorce recovery, I heard it audibly and was moved in my heart with the understanding that helping others recover from the trauma and negative emotions was the work my Creator had for me to do. It took me time to embrace my ministry and my calling, and when I did, I immediately knew the name of my business would be MajorMark. With the sole mission of helping others make and leave a MajorMark in their own lives and in the lives of their loved ones. I am an entrepreneur, transformational speaker, Divorce Recovery Coach and a #1 best-selling author of my story of growing through divorce titled “Better Than Okay.” I also have the following:

  • Bachelors of Science
  • MBA
  • Certified John Maxwell Team Coach
  • 20 years of corporate experience and speaking
  • 8 years of Coaching

MajorMark Makers!

Major – My daddy, battled acute lymphatic Leukemia for several years and later died from Pneumonia. During the years of his fight with cancer, he taught me as much as he possibly could about being a lady and how to be a good and strong woman. He died when I was 15… shortly after teaching me how to drive. As an extreme daddy’s girl, I have so many wonderful memories of all things “daddy”, my childhood and growing up as his daughter. Mark my little brother, who was 10 years younger than me, the life of the party, he had a smile that shined brightly even in the darkest of rooms. A million-dollar smile as it was affectionately described. He was truly my heart. When I was in college, I’d write him a letter and color a page from a coloring book. He’d color the other side and send it back to me. We shared an unbreakable bond and a love like no other. During an unplanned weekend trip to Momma’s, I arrived and Mark was sick. I took him to the doctor the next day to get him checked out, we learned he had a severe bowel blockage. The next morning his eyes opened, but he was lifeless, after the longest 99 miles behind the ambulance, we learned Mark had an aggressive brain tumor. It was early August of what was to be his senior year in high school. He was 17 and I was 27. After a couple surgeries, Mark was soon brain dead. My Daddy and my brother were two of my first loves. They made major marks in my life and I am determined to do the same and to help others as well.

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