Better Than Okay

In this short read, Zaundra Grant provides tools and strategies for navigating one of the hardest transitions for modern men and women, divorce. Zaundra intimately shares her own life story, the breakdown of her marriage and her subsequent divorce experience. In this #1 Best Selling short read, Zaundra shares with readers a dynamic reference guide into the socially challenging climate of divorce recovery.

Journey to Better Than Okay

A workbook that will help participants transition from a life filled with anxiety, drama, depression, suicidal thoughts, anger and uncertainty to a life filled with clarity, awareness, certainty and a positive outlook on life. In this workbook, participants do the work required to grow stronger mentally, emotionally and spiritually over the course of 7- weeks or at their own pace. Readers will not only do the work but also receive affirmations and scriptures supporting each week of work.

The Ultimate Guide to Forgiving the Unforgivable EVEN AFTER DIVORCE!

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